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Today, I am going to be reviewing the Bootea Teatox. This is something that I have been seeing a lot of on social media recently, so when I saw it on offer I thought I would give it a go. If you would like to know what Bootea is and my experience of using it, then please carry on reading.

So what is the Bootea Teatox?

I used the 28-day teatox package, but Bootea also offer a 14-day one. I guess the name of the product kind of gives it away, but this is a detox tea, which rids your body of all the bad toxins. The 28-day package includes 28 daytime teabags to drink every day and 14 bedtime teabags to drink every other day. The daytime tea is designed to boost your energy levels throughout the day and the bedtime tea is the one that cleanses your body.

And what about the taste?

​The daytime teabags are made up of Chinese Oolong tea, Lemongrass, Mate Leaves, Ginger root, Fennel seeds, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng root, Gotu Kola Leaves and Nettle leaves. I think the best way to describe the taste of the daytime tea is the like Green Tea with a hint of lemon. But don’t be put off of Bootea if you are not a fan of Green Tea! I have never liked Green Tea, I’ve tried to get into a habit of drinking it before and I could never finish the cup. The first daytime tea I had, I really did not like the taste, but by the second I was used to it and I now have no problem finishing it off. By no means is it a horrible taste and it is definitely drinkable, but it does take some getting used to. I was a much bigger fan of the bedtime teabags and they are more like a peppermint tea. These teabags contain Senna leaves, Peppermint leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Liquorice root, Burdock root, Hawthorn leaves, Valerian root and Psyllium seeds. Like all things, whether you enjoy the taste of Bootea comes down to personal preference and all you can do is try it. The only thing I would say is to not leave the tea brewing for too long, no longer than 5 minutes. I left the teabag in the boiling water for about 10 minutes while I was eating my breakfast one morning and I really struggled to drink it.

Now onto the most important part of this blog, my experience and the results. Before I started my 28-day teatox, I thought I would watch some reviews on YouTube to see what I should expect. From what I saw, everybody seemed to have quite different experiences and mine was different from theirs. Therefore, my experience will probably be different again from yours. One of the reviews I watched said that she had experienced bad stomach pains as a result of the laxative effect of the bedtime tea. I did not experience anything like this over the 28 days and I just went on with my day to day life as normal. I also didn’t really notice a massive laxative effect over the course of the 4 weeks. I was definitely going to the toilet more often, but not excessively. Moving swiftly on from the laxative side of things, I have definitely had a lot more energy since I started with Bootea. I used to struggle to get through the day and I constantly felt tired. Now, I am definitely a lot more awake and more active as well, which is obviously good for my health and fitness. I don’t know if this is directly related to Bootea or not, but I have also noticed that I have had a lot less cold/flu related illnesses. I used to get cold’s all the time, but I definitely feel a lot healthier now than I did before Bootea. I don’t know, it could just be a coincidence, so don’t quote me on that! On the weight loss side of things, I haven’t really lost a lot as a result of Bootea. However, I am definitely feeling a lot less bloated than before. Bloating is something that I have always struggled with and I could never find a solution. Well, I think I have finally found it! Bootea should be combined with healthy eating and regular exercise, and I must admit I have not been very good with the healthy eating side of things. I am definitely eating a lot better than I used to, but I still enjoy the occasional cream cake or bar of chocolate. Maybe if I had eaten healthier I would have seen better results, but I am still happy with the benefits I have received overall.

Bootea is not the cheapest detox tea out there and there are definitely cheaper alternatives. Full price the 28-day teatox is £36.99 and the 14-day is £19.99, but they quite often have offers directly on their website, in Superdrug or in Holland and Barrett.

I guess the final question is, will I purchase Bootea again? And the answer is, absolutely!

My ratings of Bootea:

Taste - 7/10 || Price - 6/10 || Packaging - 10/10 || Results - 7/10 || Overall - 8/10

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review of the Bootea teatox. As always, if you have anymore questions about my experience with Bootea, then please leave them in the comments and I will answer them for you. Subscribe and head over to my social media, which will be linked below, so that you never miss a new post.

Catch you next time!

*Disclaimer: This is not sponsored! I purchased Bootea myself and all opinions are honest and my own.

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