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Hi Guys!

Well, here it is, my first ever blog post...I thought, what better way to start than to introduce myself?

As you have probably gathered from the name of my blog, my name is Andie. I am 20 years old and I live in a small village in Devon. Having finished my A-Levels nearly two years ago now, I am currently training to become an accountant. I studied Business Studies, Economics, Maths and Psychology at AS-Level and then dropped Psychology at A2. As you can see from my choice of subjects and my career path, I am a very Maths focused person, so my blog posts are not going to be very artsy I'm afraid! But, I did not make this blog because I want to be an author or a journalist, I just want to share my views and opinions with you, and be myself. This is something that I would like to look back on in 10 years time and see what crazy things I got up to. I want you all to feel as though you are sat here having a conversation with me and not watching a news report on the TV or listening to some random guy on the radio.

So now I have given you an insight into who I am and what I do, lets talk about the exciting stuff...pets! Who doesn't love pets? I have three of these fluffy bundles of joy, Maddie, Rosie and Electra. Maddie (top) is about 5/6 years old and is the mother of Rosie (bottom), who is about 4/5 years old. I have had Maddie and Rosie for just over 2 years now, but we bought Electra (centre) from the RSPCA in October of last year and she is just under 1 year old. Maddie is the "scaredy cat" of the three and she is afraid of her own shadow. Rosie will find herself a nice, comfy place to sleep for the day and will not move until it is time for her dinner (she is slightly on the larger side). Electra is the mischievious one! She will hunt anything that moves and likes to bring us little presents on an almost daily basis. My cats are like my babies and I love them to pieces!

And you can see where my priorities lie when I am now going to talk about my family after I've introduced you to my cats. I am the eldest child of 4 with 2 younger brothers (aged 4 and 12) and a younger sister (aged 15). My sister is now a typical teenager, shutting herself in her bedroom all day, only coming out to eat or go to the toilet! My eldest brother spends his days on the XBOX or down the park with his friends playing football. And my youngest brother...well I'm not really sure what he gets up to! I like to make the most of the weekends with my family, as I don't get to spend much time with them now I'm working full time. I still live at home with my Mum, Step-Dad and Siblings, but I am getting to the point now where I am starting to think about saving up for a mortgage. If anybody has any advice about moving out or your experiences, please leave them in the comments as I would love to read them.

Moving onto what I like to get up to in my spare time. I guess you could say I am a typical girl when I say I love to shop! I am one of those people who has a wardrobe full of clothes and no matter how often I have a clear out, it is still full. However, I choose to ignore the fact that I have no room for more clothes and but them anyway. My favourite places to shop are Primark, H&M, New Look and Topshop. I quite often wonder into Jack Wills and Hollister, realise I can't afford anything and walk straight back out again!

I have also recently got into fitness and healthy eating. I like to go for a run a few times a week and I also have numerous apps on my phone for my abs, legs, arms etc. If I can, I try to do a bit of fitness every day, but it can sometimes be difficult to fit this in with work and studying for my accountancy qualification. I am planning to write a blog post going into more detail about my fitness routines, what I do to stay motivated and what sorts of foods I am eating, so if you have any questions that you would like me to answer in that post, then please leave them in the comments. I will also leave my social media links below if you would prefer to ask me a question on those instead.

I think I am going to leave it there for now. I hope you have enjoyed reading my first blog post and getting to know me. If you have any suggestions for products that you would like me to review, my opinions on a particular topic or just a general blog post that you would like to see, then please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

That's it from me and I'll catch you next time!


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