From Town to Countryside

Hi Guys and welcome to another Blog post! 

I moved to the countryside just over two years ago now, after spending 17 years of my life growing up in the town. I thought I would share my experience of moving from the town to the countryside and the struggles I faced.

So, why did I move? My step-dad grew up in this house and his Dad actually built it! When his Mum passed away he didn't want to sell it and that's how we ended up here. As you can imagine, living in the countryside is quite different to the town and it has taken some getting used to.

First things first, driving. If I did not drive I think I would have really struggled. I was a month away from passing my test when we moved in and I am so thankful that I did. There is one bus every 2 hours into the City and no other form of transport, unless you have a car. I live in a small village with a post office and a small coffee shop and that's about it. If you want any kind of civilisation you have to travel to get there. Therefore, without my license I would pretty much be in and around the house all day every day, besides going to work. 

Sticking with the theme of driving, lets talk about country lanes. If any of you drive, or are learning to drive, you will know how difficult it can be driving through country lanes. Considering I learnt to drive in a town, moving to the country just as I was passing my driving test was a bit of a challenge. My driving instructor did let me drive the roads with him in the passenger seat, just to get used to the journey. It's very different from driving in the town and not to mention all those tractors and cyclists!

Another thing that I have struggled with living in the country is my social life. Moving to the country in my late teens was particularly difficult. I wanted to go on nights out with my friends, but it's 20 minutes to the nearest City and a £35 taxi fare home. I don't like taxis at the best of times, so coming home in the early hours of the morning, on my own, through rural areas isn't really my cup of tea either. I have not been out clubbing nearly as much as I would have liked to as a result of living in the country.

But living in the sticks isn't all bad. For a start the views are much prettier on the eye! I used to wake up to a main road and rows and rows of houses. Now I wake up to rolling fields and not another house in sight. Another perk of living in the country is the noise, or lack of it. I can go out onto the balcony in the evening and hear nothing but birds. No cars, no shouting, just wildlife.  

If you haven't already gathered from my earlier posts, I am quite the animal lover. As you know, I have 3 cats and they love it. They're always outside exploring. I feel a lot more at ease with the cats here. If you have cats, you will know the fear of finding them knocked down on the road. I actually lost a cat once from being hit by a car and it is not pleasent. Knowing that there is about one car an hour pass by the bottom of our drive, I feel a lot more comfortable having cats in the country. I am not saying that they can't still get knocked down, but the chances are much lower.

As I love animals so much, lets carry on with that topic. The wildlife in the country is absolutely incredible. I quite often see deer down in the meadow, a heron flies over now and again and we even get a visit from a couple woodpeckers. I have seen things up here that I would never have seen in the town and I could sit outside for hours watching them.

I am definitely not your typical country girl, but I feel as though I have adapted to the country lifestyle. I will be moving back when I come to move out because I work in the town and I like to have everything close, but for now I am embracing life in the country. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my experience of moving to somewhere completely new. Let me know if any of you have had a drastic move, I would love to hear about them. Subscribe and head over to my social media, which will be linked below as always, so that you never miss a new post.

Catch you next time!



  1. Aw such beautiful photos! I live in the countryside too and adore the fresh air and wildlife, you really notice the seasons, but being far away from my favourite shops sucks! I feel so lucky to have internet shopping haha :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you! What's your instagram? I'll give you a follow xx


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