Blogmas Day 13 - Would you Rather? (Christmas Edition!)

Hi Guys and welcome to Blogmas Day 13!

I was searching through Google for Blogmas post ideas and I came across one of everyones most loved Buzzfeed quizzes. Apparently these are the hardest Christmas would you rather questions ever, so lets give it a go. I'll leave the link to the actual quiz at the end if you would like to have a go yourself and see how your answers compare. Are you with the majority or in the minority? Let's find out!

Q1: Would you rather...

A) Chug a gallon of eggnog at once?
B) Sit on a mall Santa's lap for an hour?

Answer: B! I am not good with alcohol at the best of times, so chugging a gallon of the stuff would not go down too well with me. As uncomfortable as it would be to sit on an old man's lap for an hour, I think I'm going to go with that.

Q2: Would you rather...

A) Have it be true that Christmas trees feel pain and scream when you cut them down?
B) Have it be true that Christmas cookies feel pain and scream when you eat them?

Answer: A! As much as I love Christmas trees, a lot of Christmas cookies are shaped like reindeers or gingerbread men. The fact that these have faces swayed my choice on this one.

Q3: Would you rather...

A) Never receive another gift from anyone ever again?
B) Be forced to give everyone in your family a sex toy as a gift?

Answer: B! The sex toys could be made into a joke, but I love giving and receiving gifts. The thought of never having that excitement on Christmas morning again is not one that I like the sound of.

Q4: Would you rather...

A) Grow a permanent Santa beard?
B) Grow permanent reindeer antlers?

Answer: B! I have never liked beards and I love reindeer, so this was pretty easy. 

Q5: Would you rather...

A) Work as a mall Santa for the rest of your life?
B) Become the real Santa and have to live in the North Pole?

Answer: B, duh! I don't know why the second option is worded with 'have to', I would love to live in the North Pole. I mean, I'm not very good in the cold, but living with elves would make up for that wouldn't it? And there's always hot chocolate and blankets!

Q6: Would you rather...

A) Have the Elf on the Shelf be alive?
B) Have Santa actually in your bedroom watching you sleep at night?

Answer: A! Okay, the second option gives me the creeps just thinking about it. Sort of makes me think of a scene from a horror movie! Plus I hate the way I sleep, so I would rather no one saw me...even if it is Santa.

Q7: Would you rather...

A) Reach into your stocking and find a dead mouse?
B) Reach into your stocking and find a live mouse?

Answer: B! I am not good with dead animals and I am not a person that is afraid of mice. I would much rather find a live one and set it free; I spend most of my time rescuing them from the cats anyway.

Q8: Would you rather...

A) Star in a remake of "Home Alone"?
B) Star in a remake of "Elf"?

Answer: A! I am a very big lover of both of these films, but "Home Alone" has always been one of my favourite Christmas movies.

Q9: Would you rather...

A) Spend eight hours untangling Christmas lights?
B) Be forced to have the Christmas lights on your home spell out "I'm a big idiot"?

Answer: B! Untangling anything is a massive pain in the neck and no way would I bother spending eight hours on it! Having "I'm a big idiot" written on the side of your house would just make people laugh, and that's what Christmas is all about right?

Q10: Would you rather...

A) Have a red, light up nose like Rudolph?
B) Be trapped inside the body of a reindeer?

Answer: A! The idea of being trapped inside anything makes me uncomfortable and having a light up nose could be more need for a torch.

Q11: Would you rather...

A) Wrap a perfectly cube-shaped gift and have the pattern on the wrapping paper line up perfectly?
B) Take a bite out of a warm sugar cookie?

Answer: A! As much as I love food, especially at Christmas, I put so much time and effort into wrapping presents. 

Q12: Would you rather...

A) Get every single thing you really want for Christmas?
B) Have your crush confess their love to you on Christmas?

Answer: A! Well, I don't have a crush so this was a pretty obvious one for me.

Q13: Would you rather...

A) Unwrap a gift filled with spiders?
B) Have Santa Claus as your roommate for 5 years?

Answer: B! I hate spiders, so I would take anything over that. And I think Santa would make a pretty awesome room mate.

Q14: Would you rather...

A) Have a Christmas Tree decorated with just taxidermied rats?
B) Have a tree decorated with just pictures of Guy Fieri's face?

Answer: B! I am not entirely sure who on earth Guy Fieri is, but A just sounds gross so lets go with Guy.

Q15: Would you rather...

A) Never hear Christmas music again?
B) Be forced to listen to Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime" 10 times every day forever?

Answer: B! I love Christmas music and "Wonderful Christmastime" is on my Christmas playlist. I probably listen to it 10 times each day over Christmas anyway, so what's another 11 months...

And that's it! I hope you have enjoyed this fun little post. I wouldn't say these were particularly hard, I had a definite answer for each one. How similar were your answers? Here is the Buzzfeed link, if you would like to answer these questions for yourself. Subscribe and head over to my social media, which will be linked below as always, so that you never miss a new post. 12 sleeps to go...

Catch you tomorrow for Day 14!


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