Blogmas Day 17 - My Least Favourite Things About Winter!

Hi Guys and welcome to Blogmas Day 17!

In my last post, I shared some of my favourite things about winter. So, today I thought it would be an idea to share some of my least favourite things about this time of year.

The cold! We are very lucky in the UK where temperatures will rarely drop below -8°C. But, I am not very good with low temperatures and I am always cold. I hate not being able to get warm and being cold at night is one of the worst things ever.

The dark mornings. In my previous post I said how I loved the dark nights, but dark mornings is something I really dislike about winter. Getting up in the morning is hard enough, let alone when it is dark outside.

Dry lips. I try and keep the moisture in my lips throughout winter by drinking plenty of water and applying lip balms, but my lips still crack. If anybody has any tips on how to minimise chapped lips in winter, then please let me know.

Sore fingers; when the weather gets colder and the skin around your finger nails starts to peel. It is so sore! Although, I do make this one worse for myself, because the peeling skin irritates me and I end up peeling it off completely. The trouble is, I end up taking half of the skin on my finger off with it.

Snow, or lack of it. I hate it when winter comes around and everywhere else in the UK seems to have snow but here! Praying for a white Christmas this year...

And actually, now I've written it all down, there aren't that many things that I dislike about winter. I think it's the cold that puts me off! Be sure to check out Day 16, if you haven't already, for a more positive approach to winter. Head over to my social media, which will be linked below as always, so that you never miss a new post. 8 sleeps to go...

Catch you tomorrow for Day 18!


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