Blogmas Day 20 - My Typical Christmas Day!

Hi Guys and welcome to Blogmas Day 20!

We are so close to Christmas now, so I thought I would share my typical Christmas day with you. This is very much the same every year.

I have 3 young siblings (well I say young, one is 16 but she still acts like a child), so we usually end up getting up at around 7 or 8 on Christmas morning. The whole family will then head upstairs into the lounge to open our presents. I like to enjoy this part and try to have a strategic way of opening them; one person at a time. However, with younger siblings, this starts out well until everyone begins to get impatient and just end up opening everything at the same time! 

Once all of the presents have been opened, and the wrapping paper and boxes have been cleared, I will have something to eat. We never really do anything special for breakfast - I tend to just have some simple cereal. After breakfast I usually start to sort through my gifts and put them away. I'll also have a chance to have a proper look at everything after the rush of opening them.

I try to get out of my pyjamas and get myself ready for the day before Christmas lunch, which we usually sit down to eat at about 1pm. I think this is probably my favourite part of the day because there is food (of course), but also it is time for the whole family to sit together, pull some crackers and have a laugh. We normally eat dinner together anyway, but there's something about Christmas lunch that makes it feel much more special.

After clearing away the debris (which takes an absolute age), we will sometimes take a drive out. But usually we just spend the afternoon sat on the sofa, tucked under a blanket, watching Christmas films.

Obviously we have stuffed our faces midday, so when dinner time comes around nobody is very hungry. Our traditional evening meal on Christmas day consists of crackers and cheese, and we usually live of off these for the next few days. I don't really get up to much after this, I usually just go back to watching Christmas films and getting an early night!

I hope you have enjoyed finding out what Christmas day looks like in my household. What are your traditions? Head over to my social media, which will be linked below as always, so that you never miss a new post. 5 sleeps to go...

Catch you tomorrow for Day 21!


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