Blogmas Day 21 - The 12 Scents Of Christmas!

Hi Guys and welcome to Blogmas Day 21!

There are certain smells in the frosty air that just instantly make you feel festive. These 12 scents just scream Christmas for me. 

1. Gingerbread

I only really have gingerbread during the festive season, so when I start baking gingerbread cookies it definitely starts to feel like Christmas.

2. Cinnamon

This is one of my favourite scents all year round, but it always makes me think of Christmas.

3. Christmas trees

Obviously this one is going to make anyone feel festive. That fresh smell of the pines that you only get around this time of year. My family doesn't have a real Christmas tree, but we do have one in reception where I work. The smell that hits you when you walk through the door just makes you want to cosy up by the fire watching Christmas movies.

4. Mulled wine

This is another scent that only really surfaces at this time of year. I don't really like the taste of mulled wine, but I love the smell.

5. Log burner

Whenever this time of year comes around, we always light the log burner. The smell that fills the house just gives it such a cosy feeling. 

6. Christmas dinner

Now obviously this is the main smell on Christmas day. The smell of the parsnips roasting and the meat cooking all morning just has festive written all over it.

7. Oranges

I had never really tried this before, so when I was baking with the zest of an orange I put the rest of it to good use. I picked up this idea from Zoe (Zoella) and that was to dry out orange slices. I popped these in a glass bowl and put them on the table. The room was filled with the scent of Christmas.

8. Mint sauce

I am not a fan of mint sauce, but it is a festive scent. My parents like to have it on their lamb with Christmas dinner. I always give this one a miss, and I prefer to have...

9. Cranberry sauce

I could literally have this with any meat. Cranberry sauce is another thing that my family only really has during the festive season, and it is a very traditional one to have with turkey. 

10. After eights

Obviously these are on sale all year round, but again, we only have them at Christmas time. I guess you could sort of call it a tradition. We will sit in front of the TV, as a family, with a box of after eights open for everyone to enjoy. Their minty smell always makes me think of Christmas. 

11. Cheese

I don't mean your ordinary cheddar in a sandwich, I'm talking about a full on cheese board. We always have cheese and crackers around Christmas, and the smell of all of the different cheeses is only one I really experience at this time of year.

12. Christmas pudding

Like the mint sauce, I do not usually opt for a Christmas pudding, but I do love the smell. And what's a more festive scent than a festive desert?

I hope you have enjoyed this post. How similar are your Christmas scents? I can't believe we are nearly at the end of Blogmas now, this month has just flown by again. It's almost Christmas! Head over to my social media, which will be linked below as always, so that you never miss a new post. 4 sleeps to go...

Catch you tomorrow for Day 22!


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