Blogmas Day 4 - Decorating The Christmas Tree!

Hi Guys and welcome to Blogmas Day 4!

We have only just got around to putting up our Christmas tree and I feel like we are a bit behind. Everyone seems to have put theirs up super early this year! I thought it would be fun to take some snaps and share them with you on my Blog. Obviously, I cannot write too much about putting up a Christmas tree; that would be a very boring post to read. So this is going to be a post mainly made up of pictures.

We always have a fake tree. The one we have has led lights embedded within it, so we don't tend to add any fairy lights.

We do add lots of hanging decorations though. We used to have loads of baubles, but over the years these have been broken or become worn. This year we are left with these blue sparkly ones, which I absolutely love.

Unfortunately we don't have many of these, so we fill the rest of the tree with bells. We have collected a fair few of these from various places, and there seem to be more year on year. 

Of course we topped the tree with a star as we always do. I haven't got a picture of this though, because I am not tall enough to reach...

And what is it with cats and trees? She was in there before I'd even finished hanging the bells!

I hope you have enjoyed this little post. I know there wasn't a lot to read, but it's nice to have a change. Plus I didn't want to make it boring by waffling on about Christmas trees and baubles! Head over to my social media, which will be linked below as always, so that you never miss a new post. 21 sleeps to go...

Catch you tomorrow for Day 5!


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