Blogmas Day 8 - LUSH Christmas Haul!

Hi Guys and welcome to Blogmas Day 8!

Every year when it comes to Christmas I have to make a trip to LUSH. Their Christmas range is never ending and I always tend to break the bank. They also had quite a lot of new ones this year and I could not wait to try them. I think it's safe to say that I was not disappointed.

The Magic of Christmas

Product Type: Bubble Bar
Price: £5.95
Scent: Very festive! 

When I smelt this it reminded me of marzipan and mixed spice. I have seen this one every year, but for some reason I have never purchased it. Anyway, this year I decided to give it a go. The water turned a vibrant orange colour, and it was something fun and different from your ordinary bubble bar that you just crumble under the tap.

Christmas Cracker

Product Type: Bubble Bar
Price: £5.95
Scent: Very, very sweet! It reminded me of sherbet.

I think this was one of the new ones this year, or at least I've never seen it before! Like a Christmas cracker, this bubble bar has a surprise inside. Looking at it, you would just think that it is a solid colour all the way through. But, when you break it there is a strip of orange running through the middle. I used half of the bubble bar in the picture below, and the colour was very similar to 'The Magic of Christmas', just not quite as vibrant. It also smells delicious.

The Snowman Bubbleroon

Product Type: Bubble Bar
Price: £4.25
Scent: None

This one is even more subtle than 'Plumb Snow' (see below). It doesn't really change the colour of your water - it just goes cloudy - and like I said above, it doesn't really smell of anything either. But, it does create a load of bubbles and still leaves your skin feeling super soft. Plus, just look at how cute it is! I could not leave this one behind.

Golden Wonder

Product Type: Bath Bomb
Price: £4.50
Scent: Fresh

This is another one that LUSH brings out every year, but it is so popular that it is difficult to get your hands on. However, this year I finally managed to grab one! I can definitely see why this one is so hyped up. There is so much going on with this bath bomb. From looking at it, you would expect the bath water to be gold and glittery. There are so many colours hidden inside; blue, purple, green, yellow, and so much glitter. I don't think the picture does it justice! This one is definitely my favourite.

Plum Snow

Product Type: Bubble Bar
Price: £5.95
Scent: Sweet and fruity

I don't think I have seen this one before either. I am definitely going to get a number of uses out of this, because it is a very decent size. This is one for people who like their baths a little more subtle. The water turns purple in colour and it still leaves your skin feeling soft, without being covered in glitter from head to toe. 

Christmas Sweater

Product Type: Bath Bomb
Price: £4.50
Scent: Spice

Another new one this year and I think this is just adorable. This one surprised me! When I first put it in the water it looked like it was just going to be a dark pink/red colour. But, towards the end, it started to release some green and made some amazing patterns in the water. I didn't want to get in and ruin it!

Candy Mountain

Product Type: Bubble Bar
Price: £3.25
Scent: Sweet

And finally, the classic Candy Mountain. This is one that I purchase every year without fail! It turns your water a very pale pink colour and produces mountains of bubbles (excuse the pun!) 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the products that I have purchased from LUSH this year. Which one is your favourite? Head over to my social media, which will be linked below as always, so that you never miss a new post. 17 sleeps to go...

Catch you tomorrow for Day 9!

Disclaimer: this is not sponsored. I purchased all of these products myself and all opinions are honest and my own.

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