Fitness Diary - Extract 1

Hi Guys and welcome to another Blog post!

I have decided that I would like to keep a fitness diary to track my progress and then I thought I could make it public on my Blog. So here is extract number 1, I hope you all enjoy following me on my fitness journey.

I joined a gym just under three months ago now and I have been trying to workout three days a week. When I first started I thought this would be a lot easier to manage. I had a strict plan in my head to go every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and at first I was good at following this. However, I didn't take into account that other things would come up that would get in the way of my gym sessions. I have still managed to get to the gym three days a week, but I have just had to be flexible and fit it in when I can.

When I first joined the gym I was always excited to go and I had loads of motivation. Now, even though I don't do the same workout in every session, I still alternate the same exercises week on week and I feel less motivated as a result of this. The excitement has worn off and it is now a struggle to drag myself to the gym. Hopefully I will be revisiting my gym program soon and switching some exercises out for new ones. This will enable me to vary my workouts and bring back that motivation. I enjoy it when I'm there and I feel amazing when I have finished, but I just need that initial excitement to get me in there.

So I have updated you on my first couple of months in the gym, but am I actually seeing any changes? And the answer to this is, not massively. I am definitely feeling much fitter and I am noticing a slight improvement in the definition of my muscles, but I haven't noticed anything drastic yet. Although, I guess that is to be expected. I have only been exercising regularly for three months. My issue is, I am not a very patient person when it comes to my body. I was always the kind of person who would actually believe all of these "Lose weight in 30 days" and "Flat stomach in a week" kind of programs. I now know that those are ridiculous and it takes time. Weight loss and fitness is not something that can be achieved overnight. I feel like this is where joining a gym has been beneficial for me. Before I joined, I was trying to workout from home and because I wasn't seeing the results that I wanted, I would just give up and stop exercising. Every time I tried to start again, the same thing would happen and I was just going around in circles. Paying for a gym membership has helped me to stick to my fitness and this is the longest I have gone without giving up.

That's currently where I am in terms of my fitness levels and body image, so what are my next steps? Even though I have been exercising a lot more, I am still not eating as healthy as I would like. I still like to snack a LOT and I'm not very good at knowing when I'm full. Obviously I can tell when I'm not hungry, but I see a biscuit or a bag of sweets and I can't resist the temptation even when I know that I am just eating for the sake of it. I used to be a lot worse at this when I was at work, because I used to just snack without even realising it. I've managed to limit the snacking that I do at work by having a 'snack drawer' full of healthy snacks and not taking food with me. You can't eat what's not there. I am also now only snacking at work when my stomach is actually rumbling. That way I am only eating when I'm genuinely hungry. I am a massive boredom eater, so I tend to just eat when I'm bored instead of finding something more interesting to do. 

Now I just need to work on snacking less when I'm at home. I still live with my family, so I can't just empty the cupboards of anything sugary because someone else may want a treat. I am just going to have to try and resist the temptation! If anyone has any tips on how to reduce snacking on unhealthy things, please let me know. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am worst at this when I sit down to watch a film or TV show. I love to have something to snack on when I'm watching TV, and crisps, salted nuts and popcorn are the big culprits. To all you healthy eaters out there, what do you like to have when you're sat in front of the TV?

I think that's all I have for this fitness diary. I am thinking about writing these every few months, mainly as something for me to look back on, but I hope that you guys can get something from them too. It's always good to have a community to support and motivate you, whether that be in fitness or anything else. Head over to my social media, which will be linked below as always, so that you never miss a new post.

Catch you next time!


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  1. Getting to the gym is always the hardest part! You look great!




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